Thursday, August 25, 2016


Roses are red
Violets blue
Your home will love flowers
and so will you

No other accessory will bring more color and freshness to your home than plants and flowers. Flower arrangements will add the finishing touch to your design. They will also bring the outdoors inside making your home fragrant and refined.

Living plants and flowers can be displayed in multiple ways. The containers in which you exhibit them and the way you place them throughout the house will give texture, pattern and visual interest to your design.

Decorating with flowers will allow you to be playful with seasonal decor, too. Choosing different colors and displays for all of the seasons and festivities, will personalize your home and emphasize your style.

Flowers can be a small investment, so you could also use dried flowers, branches, pods and other foliage if you are looking for a low maintenance, low cost alternative. Whatever you decide to use, I think your design will greatly benefit from the display of some type of greenery. So...

1. Get familiar with the flowers available in every season! Here you have a practical chart to help you with that:

2. Get to know basic types of indoor plants:

3. Find affordable places where to buy plants and flowers. Search for a local flower market, plant farm, wholesale stores like COSTCO and/or your local grocery stores.

4. Learn to make simple bouquets:

5. Use large plants as focal points to fill an empty corner or add drama to a small space (example: reading nook).

6. Learn to make your very own terrariums and display them as beautiful pieces of greenery art.

7. Get creative in the way you showcase your plants and flowers throughout the house. Find focal points in each room where your greenery will stand out. Here are some ideas:

~ Create a beautiful table center piece:

~ Use different pots together and display them as a collection:

~ Use plants and flowers to make your shelves pop:

~ Place your plants on the walls for an unexpected effect.

~ Hang a floating shelf for your plants:

As you can see, the possibilities are endless! Decide if you want to go green, multicolor, or monochromatic on your flowers color options. Don't forget to take into account the color palette on your overall design for the room.

Don't underestimate the beautiful effect flower and plants will have in your home. Find ways to incorporate greenery in your spaces. Change your display with the different seasons and have fun!  Go green!

Until next week!




Stacy said...

Thank you for including the indoor plants chart! Please excuse me if this is a silly question, but do you have suggestions for indoor plants in an office with no windows? Wasn't sure if this was even possible but would love some green in my office.

Angelica said...

Thank you, Stacy for your comment. I'm no expert in plants but I think without natural light, the plant in your office might not last very long. You can always try succulent and cactus plants.These type of plants are very low maintenance.Good luck!