Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sarah's Laughter: Numbers

A friend shared this from the Sarah's Laughter Bible Study app. I hope it ministers to those of you living with or standing alongside someone living with infertility.

Numbers matter in the battle to conceive a child. We circle numbers on calendars as we wait for the day of a pregnancy test. A husbands virility is presumably measured by the number on his sperm count. Nerves are frayed until we get past a certain number of weeks that remind us of the last miscarriage. The number of candles on your birthday cake bring tears and dread.

Do you realize that numbers have never intimidated God? There has never been a moment in all of time and eternity that God has scratched His holy head and tried to make the numbers work. In 2 Chronicles, King Asa was facing a massive army of a million men. He and his brave fighting men were outnumbered, overpowered and were facing certain defeat. Asa did the smartest thing he ever could have done when facing an impossible situation: He called on the Name of the Lord.

God didnt worry about a million warriors on the battlefield in King Asas time. He doesnt worry about low sperm counts or erratic hormone levels in your time. He is the God who can conquer whatever foe you face, and He can do it despite the numbers involved.

When you pray about your battle with infertility, dont forget that God isnt scared of your numbers. Why not use King Asas prayer as an example? You can include your own situations and pray with the same faith this godly man used when he was outnumbered and overwhelmed. God came through for him, and Hell come through for you.

Lord, there is no one beside You to help in this battle. Infertility (or endometriosis, unexplained infertility, PCOS, miscarriage grief) is a powerful foe and I feel I have no strength (or money, or treatment options) to fight it this month (or today, right now, anymore); so help us O Lord our God, for we (or Iif you have an unbelieving spouse) trust in You, and in Your name have come against this disease (or financial difficulty, discouragement, lack of agreement between us, indecision). O Lord, You are our God. Let not infertility (or loss, grief, discouragement) prevail against You.


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