Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ballet Begins Again

Yesterday was the first day of ballet again for the Fall. Once again, we were at a wonderful Christian ballet studio about 30 minutes from our house. Abigail has moved up into the 5-6 year old class. I normally wouldn't have started Hannah yet but becasue there was a 3-4 year old class right before Abigail's, I decided to do it. My friend Kristin (from homeschool) actually has a child in both classes too. She took some great pictures yesterday. 

First up, some pictures of Abigail in her hour-long class:

She is always concentrating so hard -- refusing to goof around with anyone else.

That's my friend Kristin's daughter, Eliza, in front of Abigail.

Such a sweetie pie.

Stretching out.

And here are some pictures of Hannah in her class. There were four little girls, and they were all right at 3 or nearly 3 (like Hannah). 

That's Hannah on the far right. She really did a great job listening and participating. (I was a little surprised!)

She definitely is taller than the other little girls.

Doing their frog legs.


Nancy Gritter said...

Loved seeing these pics! You can tell Abigail loves it, concentrating so hard! Cute seeing Hannah in there too! What a wonderful, fun program! :) N

Anonymous said...

Very cute. 5 more weeks and Susanna will be back in class.

Laura Dunham said...

Fun pictures of serious girls! Enjoy classes kiddos!