Sunday, August 21, 2016

Vermont Part I: Arrival & Treasure Hunt

We spent the last week at Roy & Joni's house in Vermont. These are Isaac's birth grandparents, but they are truly the grandparents of all my kids. This is the first time that our whole family made the trip, and we had a BLAST. I have SOOOO many pics that I will be sharing for days to come, but for now, here was day one. 

Their house has lots of trophies from Roy the Hunter!

So exciting that Joan's sister Rita, and her husband, Mike, were here to spend the week with us. They had never met the kids, and it was so wonderful to hang out with them. Rita and Joni had prepared a treasure hunt. The girls were first up. Newly reading Abigail, was excited to try and read her clues!

I think there was a clue near the oven.

The men: John, Mike, and Roy

There was another clue by the lion!

They have found their treasure!

Now it is the boys turn!

Their hunt took them outside.

Joni put up a sign that said the shed was where they would be sleeping. :)

The boys with their treasure!

Hannah loved her stick-on earrings.

Even Mommy got a "Christmas" present!

Maple syrup!

Sidge with Uncle Mike.

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