Monday, August 29, 2016

Growing up

Following the book Raising a Modern Day Knight for our boys, we made a big deal when our Isaac and Sidge turned 7 years/7 month/7weeks/7 days old. We decided that this was the day that they became a "young man" and we had a special celebration to celebrate this. Part of the idea behind this was to encourage our boys to make more mature decisions and take responsibility.

This past month, Isaac took over full responsibility of the egg collection in our house. And Sidge wanted to take over responsibility of the dogs. This means going out right away in the morning and moving them from their sleeping area to the porch. Letting them run and play and feeding and watering them.

Imagine the look on my face when I stumbled out of my room just after 7am this morning (JB was on nights) and found this note:

Hi Mom. I went out to do the puppyes.

I was so proud. That he did it on his own. That he wrote a note. My heart is so excited to watch my boys grow into young men. And so sad to grieve the little boys that they are leaving behind. 

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