Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vermont Part II: Blueberry Picking

We are home from our awesome vacation, and I am going to be sharing tons of pics. Don't look if you don't want, but this was a much needed week of R&R. Thank you to Grampa and Grama K. who held down the farm for us while we were gone so that we could make this week happen.

On day 1, after completing our treasure hunt, we went blueberry picking! Joni's neighbors had a blueberry patch, and since they were out of town, they encouraged us to forage. Here we go!

Daddy mostly did the eating.

What would an adventure be without .... mushrooms. JB has turned out kids into mushroom-machines. They can spot them everywhere.

On the way home, went through the woods.

Look at us wearing jackets. Oh was the reprieve from the Tennessee heat a welcome one!

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