Monday, September 21, 2015

Great Book Recommendation!

I just finished an outstanding book series. Julie Lessman's "The Daughters of Boston" series was a three-book series that absolutely BLEW me away.

Honestly, next to Francine Rivers, this is the BEST Christian fiction I have ever read. I am so excited to find out that there is a follow-up series to this one entitled, "Winds of Change." I have already started on the first book of the second series!

While I noticed a few writers on Amazon mentioning that Lessman was a little too heavy on the romance for a Christian fiction book, I have to disagree. Lessman is simply outstanding at painting incredible characters surrounding an Irish-Catholic family in Boston.

Absolutely outstanding! CanNOT recommend this enough!


Jennifer said...

Yeah, someone else to read. I run out of things that are clean and that I want to read. Have you read Liz Curtis Higgs' Lowlands of Scotland series. That has to be my favorite!

Julie Lessman said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS, WENDI!!!! You just MADE my day, girlfriend, and I cannot thank you enough for your kind words -- WOW, WOW, WOW!!

I am beyond blessed that you are enjoying the O'Connor saga, my friend, and I don't know if I mentioned the prequel to it in our comments back and forth, but Marcy and Patrick's prequel, A Light in the Window is currently on esale for 99 cents, so I hope you consider checking it out too. ESPECIALLY since you have already read book 3 in the DOB series, A Passion Denied, because ALITW is a love triangle between Patrick, Marcy, and Sam O'Rourke. :) It's actually the first indie book I published on my own, and my artist hubby did both the video below and the book cover using my daughter as the model, so it's a family affair. :) Here's the link:

And finally, Wendi, I don’t know if you are into posting reviews or not, but if you are, PLEASE let me know if you post any because I have a newsletter contest going on where you can win having a character named after you in my next book and a signed copy, just for posting one review or many. The more reviews posted, the more points for the top two winning spots, then a random drawing for even one review posted. And, if you have never posted reviews for any of my books before, you have a distinct advantage in that you can post a brief generic review for each of my books and then accrue points for each too, giving you an edge over those who have already posted reviews in prior contests of mine and cannot use those reviews for points in the new contest. BUT … if reviews are NOT your thing, NO WORRIES!! I’m just SO grateful for your support!! :)

Anyway, thank you AGAIN, not only for promoting my books on your website, but for reading them in the first place -- you are a true blessing!!


Julie Lessman said...

JENNIFER, just wanted to tell you that Liz Curtis Higgs' Lowlands of Scotland series is my very FAVORITE series in the world, and Liz is one of my top three favorite authors EVER, so I concur completely with you, my friend!

Hugs and Happy Reading!