Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Ewe Down

I'm stuck in the house with the four kiddos while JB and Dad and Dan are out on the field. Apparently a sheep went down from some sort of bloat. JB came running into the house to grab all sorts of surgical stuff. Apparently he is going to try and relieve the bloat. Praying he can save the Ewe's life.

This farm stuff is not easy.

I've gotten used to losing chickens. They can die fairly easily. But our other animals are sort of part of our family and when they die before their time, it really gets me down deep.

Praying he can pull of a miracle for one of our 10 ewes.

*****Updated***** JB had to put the lamb down. Bummer. Looks like it may have been a mineral deficiency. As of right now, the kitchen has been converted to a meat processing center. :(

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