Monday, September 21, 2015

Totally random and unrelated thoughts bellowing through my brain

Things are ... busy.

And my brain is ... busy.

The Conference is this weekend. JB has to work today and tomorrow, and then he has Wednesday and Thursday off (thank goodness!) to help prepare. The biggest thing left to do is get the garage totally ready for the seminar.

Life is still going on like normal in the midst of prepping to have 30 people on the farm on Friday morning. We went to Homeschool Co-op this morning. Neither one of the girls made it through all three periods. Both started crying and needing Mommy. I am so amazed at the organization of this group, as they were instantly able to help switch around my free period (1st) to last period (3rd) so that I would not be "working" when the melting down seems to occur. This gives me a great bit of relief. So now, I will aide in a PE class, teach a PE class, and have a free period to deal with the girls if they didn't make it through the entire morning! They also said that because the class I am teaching has 21 students in it (most of the classes don't surpass 11-15) I've already met my quota of help for the morning.

Following Co-op, I dropped Sidge and Hannah off at home with Grampa and Grama and took Isaac and Abigail to our "local" public school. We are trying to get the ball rolling on them getting speech services through the public school. This has been a big process, and our "local" public school is 25 minutes away ... in the next town. The woman in charge of it seems nice, but I'm just not sure they are going to get the same type of services we had in the Azores and in Central Tennessee. We will see. Time will tell.

Needless to say, by the time I got home around 2:30pm, I was clobbered. But there was still a ton of cleaning and prepping to do while still cooking dinner for our family of 9. So after a 30 minute rest on my bed while the three olders watched Clone Wars and Hannah napped, I was up and at 'em again.

Deep breaths ...

Oh! And completely unrelated! I am going to be having another piece published on the website! That's cool news.

I've also completely eliminated Caffeine from my diet.

I could really use a Mountain Dew right about now.

And, did I mention that Sundays are a tough day for me. Dan takes Sundays completely off. This means that if JB is working, I have to do all of the animals. Since adding the chickens, the morning and evening runs take an hour a piece now. This is not including the 2-3 water checks I need to do between those two feedings.

So by the time Monday rolls around?

Does anyone have any Mountain Dew?!?!?


Papa Coach said...

The wayward wind wafts through the Tennessee trees,
To a worn out Wendi it whispers wondrous words of woo.
Rest, need to really relax!
Whispers are sweet, but sweeter still is Mountain Dew!

Unknown said...

Papa Coach! Now we know where Wendi got her writing skills!!! :) I am impressed!