Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Homeschool: Our Abigail and the co-op adventures

Every single PRE-K and Kindergartener took a picture with a sign to signify their first day of school at our homeschool co-op yesterday. Every single little person held the sign up high with a big smile on their face. 

I nearly laughed out loud as I saw Abigail's picture. Sigh ....

... this is so her. Not only would she not smile and not look at the camera, but she wouldn't even hold the sign upright. 

The good thing is, she actually participated in class a little bit which is a HUGE thing for us. 

And obviously, we don't ever have to worry about her being a behavioral problem with this batch of shyness.

My little blondie!

In other homeschool news though, we had a BLAST at our first day of co-op on Monday. What a fantastic place and fantastic opportunity for us to meet people and make friends. There are three different periods. The first period is my "break period". The second period I am teaching a 3rd-6th grade PE class. And last period I am aiding in an English writing class. 

Abigail is in a Pre-K class for all three periods. The teachers all said that she was quite shy but actually participate a bit. And each time I peeked through the window, she was following along.

The boys took a science class called "Wild Kratts" followed by "Health & Safety" and then "Imagination Station" which I am still not exactly sure what that is. Overall, they seemed to enjoy themselves. Other than getting a little confused as to where they were supposed to be picked up which resulted in some tears thinking they were lost, I think they enjoyed their day.

Hannah is in a nursery for all three periods. As I had thought, she lasted about two hours before deciding these people were crazy and it was time for her to go home. I am thinking that I will probably keep her with me a little longer during first period so her stay can be a bit shorter. 

These people are so nice, and I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be with other people doing what I am doing. There are close to 200 students K-12 in this co-op. It also helps me feel like my kids are getting to do the types of things that I worry about them missing out on (like carry a back-pack and as they get older, join sports teams and have a graduation and things like that.)

I'm so excited!!!

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