Tuesday, September 15, 2015

In just a moment

In just a moment, Hannah will do something that makes me shudder. I wrote about some of her predicaments on Friday Funnies a few weeks back, and she continues to find herself in delicate situations.

A few days ago she came up to me with bubbles coming out of her mouth. I am incredibly careful with dishwasher pellets, and keep them very high out of her reach. But apparently, I opened the dishwasher, thinking it was done running, and it had never run and the pellet was still waiting in its little tray. Hannah decided to see how it tasted.

I immediately yelled for JB to come in from outside, and he determined that the amount left in the tray meant that the bit was small and we could just douse it with liquids.

And then yesterday. I am vacuuming. I decide to set two chairs on top of each other to give myself more room to vacuum the rug under our dining room table. I turn, and I find a very sad and feeling trapped Hannah inside those two chairs.

Folks I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Hannah gets into more predicaments in a week then ALL THREE OF MY OTHER CHILDREN got into in their ENTIRE first few years of life. 

Man she exhausts me, but holy cow is she a barrel of fun and laughs!

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