Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Funnies

Firstly, for today's Friday Funnies, we take a look at a few predicaments which we found Hannah in this week.

Trying to do something to make sure she gets on Friday Funnies. She didn't have to worry. There was plenty of material.

We are blaming JB. We think he was assigned duty at the time that this was found.

I suppose I get the blame here. I seriously turned my back for two minutes and found her in the kitchen, holding the steak knife -- cutting tomatoes!


Abigail: "Where am I going to sleep when I am a grown up?"
Me: "In your own house."
Abigail: "No Mom. I am going to live with you when I am a grown up."
Me: "Oh. Okay. Well then you'll sleep in your room."
Abigail: "Yeah but Mom, I'll be big when I am a grown up."
Me: "I know. But you can still sleep in your room."
Abigail: "But I am going to be big like you. And your feet hang out of your blanket sometimes."
Me: "Oh. Yes, that's true. But your twin bed is still big enough for you."
Abigail: "I don't think so."
Me: "Okay, well then we can get a new bed."
Abigail: "Okay. But how will we get it upstairs?"
Me: "Grampa and Daddy will help."
Abigail: "But they have to work."
Me: "We will wait for them to be home."
Abigail: "Okay."


I have taught the kids that they may not fire "weapons" (bow and arrow, water guns, etc.) when someone else is unarmed. I had to laugh when I heard Sidge running around the house yelling, "Isaac. Stop shooting. I'm unharmed."


Isaac: "What is half of two thousand and eighty-three?"
Me: "Did you seriously just ask me that?"


Sidge: "Do girl's things (breasts) have cartilage, like sharks have, in them?"

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