Monday, July 13, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Guest Room Nears Completion!

After a TON of hard work, mostly by my father-in-law, the guest room above our garage is nearing completion! It is looking SO wonderful. I am going to refrain from posting pictures until my parents get here next week so that they can be totally surprised with how great it looks, but WOW is it looking amazing!

After much brainstorming and deliberation, we scrapped our original plans of having Dad and Mom occupy this space. They are very happy at the bunkhouse for the time being. They are still thinking and praying about where they would like their forever home on the property to be, but for now, it made the most sense just to let them stay where they were. Their "forever" home will most likely be expanding and staying in the bunkhouse or moving into the old 1900 farmhouse. That farmhouse needs a LOT of work, and it is truly up to Dad and Mom where they would like to retire at.

This meant that the space above the garage was available. We had two major groups of people who needed to use this space: (1) our friends and family who come to visit and (2) a young intern who is planning to come "try out the farm" on August 3rd. His name is Dan, and he is a follower of JB's blog. He just graduated from college and loves permaculture.

We finally decided to make the apartment into two bedrooms with a shared kitchen/living room area. Downstairs, there is a bathroom that is already completed. This will allow the intern to have a room, our guests to have a room, and both sets of people to have a kitchen to share.

We really wanted to get the first bedroom done in time for Ryan and Briana's arrival on July 7th, but we did not pull it off. It will, however, be done by the time my parents arrive on the 19th. And our good friends John and Becky and their boys will be able to enjoy it at the end of the month. Then, the intern will arrive, and he will occupy it for two weeks.

If he decides to stay at our farm for a longer term, he will eventually move into the other bedroom (which is smaller). That is our next project, and we are hoping to get started on it soon.

In the meantime, we continue to take care of the

23 cows
28 ducks
21 guinea hens
12 geese
1 dog
8 people

who are calling this land home! Next up: Sheep!

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