Sunday, July 05, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Ten Minutes in our Lives

It has been raining a ton here on our Piney Mountain which made for some beautiful pictures when the skies finally cleared. You can really see why they call this the Smokey Mountains

No pose request here. That is just her. 

One of our "leased" cows eating.

Our favorite hollow at the Bauernhof. There is a paw paw patch hidden up there.

Our geese seem to double in size every 24 hours. This is a male pilgrim gosling at about 3 weeks old. 

Marigold growing in a bid of rosemary and mint.

Our tomatoes are doing well -- if we can stop Abigail from picking and eating them before we get them into the house.

God's handiwork.

Rouen ducklings at about two weeks old.

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