Wednesday, July 01, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Meeting the locals

I'm always amazed at what a small world we really live in. 

My friend Nancy (who has known me since before I was born) put me in touch with a former teacher of both JB and me who now lives about 45 minutes from us. Ruth is a historian and a wonderful lady who now has seven grandchildren of her own. She taught both JB, me, and a few of our siblings in history. 

Ruth met me and the three older children for lunch at The Sandwich House and then took us to the Greeneville Greene County History Museum. I definitely want to return to peruse the many things there again, but we will especially return to visit the delightful children's area they had. The kiddos absolutely LOVED it. There was a canoe and wagon and kitchen and house with costumes and axes and guns and a cave. They had a blast and could have easily played for another hour. Since the museum is simply run by donations, I am sure we will go back many times to explore and play some more.

Ruth actually knew my dad when they were children so our families go way back. I look forward to visiting her church and connecting with her more in the future. She has a wealth of knowledge about this area, and I think she will provide us with a great contact person for questions about this area!


Susie R said...

How nice for you guys to get to see her! Question, do you actually call her "Ruth"? I just don't think I could call her by her first name! Too funny! 😊

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Sue, I've actually avoided calling her anything -- ha ha ha!