Thursday, July 16, 2015

Abigail turns four

She was born in Germany and spent the first three years of her life in Turkey and Portugal. Now, she's a Tennessee girl for life, and we are absolutely blown away with how much we love this little girl.

I can't even really put into words how much this little lady has come out of her shell since she turned three. She spent the first three years of her life as an incredibly shy and quiet young lady who would not make eye contact or speak to anyone outside of her immediate circle. (And that immediate circle didn't even include her grandparents.) She barely talked and instead just signed everything she wanted to say.

But then suddenly, right around the time she turned three, she emerged from her cocoon and turned into a beautiful butterfly right in front of our eyes! 

When I was unable to have children, my grandmother told me that God told her I was going to have a girl who would "walk into the room and make everyone take notice." I certainly didn't believe her. I didn't believe that I'd ever have children. Then I never believed I'd ever have a girl. And then, after meeting Abigail, I never thought she'd make a room pay attention to her.

But here she is. She will now talk to almost anyone, hug anyone, and can make anyone smile almost on command. She is spirited, opinionated, sweet, and introspective. She loves to dance. She loves to wink. She loves her brothers and "wittle baby sister." She seems like the best athlete of all the kids. She is, by far, the most adventurous eater. (Sushi, cabbage, tomatoes, and octopus are among some of the foods she loves.) 

Abigail Grace, thank you for giving our home something we didn't even know it was missing. We love our boys, but mannn, is a little girl a lot of fun. 

We love you to the moon and back!

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