Saturday, July 04, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Chore time

I have taken over the animal chores here on the farm to free Dad, Mom, and JB up for other projects. Dad is working on the above-garage apartment. Mom is working on organizing all their stuff from Florida. (And she helps with my house and the kids A LOT as well.) JB always has a different project he is working on.

My chores include feeding and watering the geese, pigs, ducks, and guinea fowl. The kiddos are still a little young to help because you have to get through gates to feed. But I've been trying to take one with me most of the time to help.

Isaac is always reluctant to do new things. This morning he really dragged his feet to come out with me. But once we got out there he actually said, "You know Mom, this was sort of fun."

That made me really happy.

I took two videos so you could get an idea of some of the joy these animals bring to us.

Each morning when we bring the geese their food, hey are like little puppies when they see us coming. They are VERY friendly, and I find myself very happy that these geese will be pairs that should be with us for a long time. (A few may not stay but many of them will.) I really like them! These geese rotate around our yard in an electric fence and help mow and fertilize our yard. We provide them with a little bit of supplemental feed, but for the most part, they just eat the grass.

We have had a TON of rain here in the past few days so the pig sty has gotten quite muddy. Usually, the pigs are actually very clean animals -- much cleaner than I imagined. They also have a lot of personality. I've heard they are a very smart animal -- even smarter than dogs. I showed Isaac how the pigs, a lot like dogs as well, have tails that wag when you talk to them. Very sweet! 

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