Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wee-wind Wednesday: Six kids between us!

Today I want to wee-wind to April 5, 2011. That was the last time I saw my dear friend Becky. She came to visit me in Turkey while she tried to patiently wait for her little miracle from Korea to come to live with her forever.

Becky and I became friends while at Eglin AFB. Our husbands worked together, and we bonded over the infertility that was hanging so heavily over both of us. Supporting each other through miscarriage and failed cycles and ultimately through three adoptions and three biological children has been an incredible journey.

Becky has an incredible testimony that I hope you will take the time to read. She shares an incredible story of God's love and forgiveness as she worked through mistakes in her past to become the mom of two wonderful little boys. If you are struggling with forgiving yourself especially, you MUST take a moment to read Becky's story. She has only recently shared this past with the "public" and I am so proud of her for finally feeling forgiven!

Anyways, John and Becky and their two boys are still in the military and making the move from Arizona to North Carolina. How lucky for us that we are sort of on the way. They are spending four days with us here on the farm. We are having an absolute BLAST!

Here are a few pictures to share with you:

Here is a picture of Hannah, Abigail, and John and Becky's younger son: Jonah

Abigail and Jonah reading books on the couch. They are both about the same age.

Becky with her older son, Joshua, and my Isaac. Joshua is a year younger than Sidge.

And here is probably the most important picture of this blog. After one month without a dishwasher, Becky's husband John swept in and SAVED THE DAY! I HAVE A WORKING DISHWASHER!!! I can't express how high John has moved on my friend list!

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