Thursday, July 30, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Sheep "stuff" & Duck catching

Yesterday our lawn mower broke.

Today, the sheep needed to be moved to a new paddock.

You need to mow a strip where you put the electric fence.

We had no mower to mow that strip.

But the sheep's current paddock had run out of grass for them to graze on.

So JB, on his way to buy a mower, threw his hands up and said, "Let's just let the sheep browse the yard."

So we did.

Only thing is these ten sheep decided to get up on our porch! Sheep poop everywhere.

Oh and did I tell you that yesterday we tried to move the ducks into the geese paddock. We really thought they were large enough that they wouldn't get out of the fence. But upon returning from a trip to town, I discovered that four of the ducks had gotten out.

JB was at work.

Our friend John and the boys caught the four ducks, but after a brief phone call to JB it was quickly decided that the ducks had to go back in their previous paddock with smaller holes in the fence.

That meant we needed to catch 28 ducks and carry them!

And it was like 90+ degrees out.

So I decided to utilize the cheapest labor I had! I threw Isaac and Sidge in the paddock and said "Catch some ducks."

Those little boys caught all 28 ducks and handed each one to Becky and I to put them in their new paddock.

I have a feeling this is only the beginning of BIGTIME animal adventures on our farm. JB really made me feel great when he posted on Facebook: "You think Wendi has embraced our farm life? She looked at our flock of ducks and noticed 4 of the 28 were missing... You have to be pretty observant and pretty familiar with the a flock of almost 30 ducks to notice only four were not there. REALLY impressed!"

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