Friday, July 31, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Losing a Goose

I think we are going to have to put a goose down, and it is tearing me up.

He can't walk. He did something to his leg. JB was hopeful that maybe he dislocated it. He tried to put it back in last night. But this morning he is even worse than he was last night.

I am so sad.

I knew this would happen. I tried to prepare myself for losing an animal, but I just knew it would be so painful when it actually happened.

I am relieved because the boys and I are leaving for Vermont today. We are going to spend a few glorious days with Joan and Roy. I am relieved because I won't be here when JB has to do it.

I have told him in no uncertain terms that I will never be a part of watching any of our animals have their "only bad day."

So sad right now.

And I have no idea how to tell the kids.


Anonymous said...

All kids handle things differently. We had farm animals growing up. When I was ~11 it was "time" for our first (and only) pigs. My cousin came to help and I watched the whole thing I wont go into details but I got the best lesson in anatomy that day and suffered no trauma whatsoever. My little sister who was ~8 who was not even there that day and never saw anything other then the processed meat still wont eat pork nearly 20 years later. Even the smell of cooking pork makes her nauseated. She probably considers it one of the most traumatizing moments of her childhood.

It's important to note we were always told not to get attached, not to give them names, they were not our pets, and we would be eating them someday.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Yep we have done that. No names and open discussions of what their "job" is.

Susie R said...

Just remember, death is part of life and accidents, injuries, illness, and bad stuff happen to people and animals everyday... That's kind of how we've normalized death in our family... Also remember it's ok for the kids to see you sad or even cry... It helps them learn it's ok to feel your feelings and it's normal. Sorry about the little goose... Poor thing. You're a great mom, you'll figure this out. :)