Saturday, July 04, 2015

Movie Recommendation: Unconditional

I watched the movie Unconditional last night on Netflix. It was the best Christian movie I have ever seen. From the quality of the film, the message, and the acting, this movie was simply a class act. It was simply exceptional, and if no one would have told me, I would not have thought it was a faith-based film.

Based on true events, this movie shares the story of "Papa Joe" who after a troubled past, dedicates his lives to helping children. His story intertwines with that of Samantha Crawford who is deep in grief from a life tragedy that she has been unable to deal with.

This movie is PG-13 and does have a "darker" plot surrounding a murder which could trouble some watchers. However, overall, I honestly cannot recommend this movie enough. A great story reminding people that a bump in the road isn't a bump if it takes you where you were always supposed to go.

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