Sunday, July 12, 2015

We Bought a Farm: First bug collection!

My husband is amazing! 

Our seven-year-old little Isaac is not an outdoor lover by nature, but he absolutely loves to organize, collect, and group things. 

When we moved to the farm, JB told me that it was this aspect of his personality that would intrigue him to be outside and love it.

We have since found many things Isaac loves doing outside: digging plants up from the garden and organizing what he finds, picking blackberries, searching and identifying mushrooms, and harvesting anything that he can use in homemade ice cream.

But he also started expressing interest in starting a bug collection with JB. He actually got a can and was catching bugs himself, and JB decided to purchase a few things online and help him really get into it.

They made the collection (pictured above) all in one day. Obviously, the insects aren't in pristine condition, but as JB said, the time spent with the kids was fantastic and it was a very educational and fun-filled day.

I truly love that my husband has such an incredible love for science. Couple this with the intense duck-chasing-after-they-escaped-from-their-pen we did, and putting in the final touches on a guinea hen coop, and this was one FULL day of nature!

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