Sunday, July 26, 2015

Post-ballet musings

Abigail had SO much fun at her princess ballet camp. She is completely obsessed with dancing -- primarily ballet. Their teacher was fantastic, and I think we are going to let her continue on with a once-a-week class starting in August.

Here are a few pictures my Dad snapped during their final performance:

They got to pick out a fancy dress to wear for the final dance number.

Here's Abigail before the class started looking out the window for her friends to come.

This was the teacher's granddaughter. She and Abigail really liked each other! The first day, this little gal tried to talk to her and Abigail wouldn't even look at her. By the end, they were giving each other kisses.

Performing for the "Princess"

Everything Abigail wore was actually a hand-me-down from her big cousin Grace. Oh how I love not spending money!

Getting her award.

Here is a video of their closing dance routine. 

This was really my very first sort of "mom" experience. Hanging out with other moms and watching our kids participate in an activity. I realized a few things during this experience:
  1. We are absolutely, completely, and utterly partial to our own child! Even the grandparents that came with me are head over heals for "our" kiddo. We must remember that we are watching a group with a very unfair lean towards the one that belongs to us.
  2. It is hard to not have "big dreams" for your kids. I am continually reminding myself that this for fun, and if she isn't having fun, she shouldn't be doing it. I don't ever want to push them because of something I want. It should be something that is enriching their lives, not causing them stress.
  3. I want my kids, especially my girls, to be participating in things that are bringing glory to God. I love that this is a Christian ballet studio with scriptures and reminders of why we dance written everywhere. 
  4. If your kid is making a scene, acting spoiled, etc. REMOVE them from a situation so that they don't ruin it for other children. Parents don't want their kid to "miss out" so they push onward. If your child isn't ready or is obnoxious, why are they there? Stop the madness!
  5. My little Abigail will probably always be an "easy" kid. A few times during the week, the teacher chose her to start or lead an activity simply because she was the only one not asking. She is incredibly quiet. (If she has a question, she taps the teacher and then, for example, point to her shoe for it to be tied.) She is also a very good listener and copier. 
  6. I am really glad we chose a farm that was close enough to "society" for us to participate in "things like this."
  7. "Things like this" are expensive, and with four kids, costs will really add up!
I am sure I will learn a lot more as my kids get older, but for now, this is all the insight I have to impart.

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