Monday, July 27, 2015

Parental memories

Scrubs definitely remembered his grandparents! He was so excited to see Papa and Grama Di. When he was a young pup, we spent a lot of time at their house in Florida while my husband was a resident and very busy. I'll never forget my under a year old puppy taking my Dad's glasses out from under the sofa and playing keep-away. Not a good moment for him.

Hannah LOVED snuggling up with my parents for a good book.

So fun to celebrate a child's birthday with my parents. Our life overseas has made this a rarity.

Some pics my dad captured of our farm.

They don't call them the "Great Smokey Mountains" for nothing!

I love how much my Dad plays with my kids. He definitely is a "3 and up" Grampa. He plays games nearly non-stop.

Coloring time!

Abigail is such a great colorer!

Hannah was REALLY snuggly the last few days. Turned out she had a double ear infection! So glad I'm married to a doctor. A quick ear check and a run to the pharmacy, and we were good to go.

Photo bomb!

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