Thursday, July 02, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Things I have learned in my first month

It has been one month since I became the wife of a farmer.

While I definitely have many moments that I find myself almost giggling to myself about how different my life is, generally I have to tell you that I am really enamored with our life. I don't want to jump the gun, but I have to admit that I sort of love our life. I love taking care of the animals. (The geese are my favorite.) I love looking out my bedroom window as we go to bed at night and feeling like we are in a cabin on vacation. I love my kids just walking out the door to play without having to report to me their plans. I just, kind of, love it.

I am sure I will not always love it. I am sure there will be times that it floods me with tears in a fit of, "Why in the world would I choose this?"

But for now ... I embrace the love.

A few fun things that I have learned during my first month:

  • I've heard bull frogs before. And I've heard cows before. But it wasn't until I heard a bull frog croaking in a field near cows that it all clicked for me. They sound like cows. They really do! When I told my husband this, he smirked and said, "Well, yeah. Why do you think they call them bull frogs?"
  • There is an expression that goes "like ducks on a june bug." I've heard this expression many times, but it wasn't until I saw our ducks devouring a june bug that I really got it!
  • "Like water off a duck's back" is another expression that has come alive for me as we watch our little ducks on our farm. They go in the water and out of the water without another thought and truly the water just flies off of them.
  • Farms have a lot of poop
  • The animals are always there. I can't decide that they don't need me that day.
  • I LOVE my mini-van. After a minor fender-bender, it was in the shop for a MONTH. This picture is of me behind the wheel again. Sweetness. (That really isn't related to farm life, but I need to throw it in there anyways.)
  • While our town is very small, it keeps surprising me. There are a couple of little restaurants, and tonight, when the smoked meat JB was making wasn't finished in time for dinner, he told me he thought he saw a sign saying someone delivered pizza in Bulls Gap. Sure enough, with a little research I found out that we can get pizza delivered to our farm! While we don't plan on doing it a lot, these little modern conveniences truly make me feel like this jump to the country wasn't quite as big as I originally thought.
I still can't believe we did this. I can't believe two South Floridians bought a farm in the middle of the Smokey Mountains. But I can't help but think, "This is the best thing we ever did."

And I know my husband feels the same!

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