Sunday, September 13, 2015

Homeschool 4H Field Trip

I absolutely love the homeschool group we are a part of here. They are located in the town 30 minutes from us. Not only do they offer a Monday co-op (which we start tomorrow) but they offer all sorts of field trips and activities that we can participate in. They have sports team, a graduation, dances ... everything that "regular" students would have. There are almost 200 families involved so it is not small. So much opportunity!!

Last week we attend a 4H event. I left Hannah with Grama and took the other three. Abigail was free but was still able to participate in any activity that she wanted.

First up: Canoeing
We learned to canoe! Abigail and Isaac went with me and Sidge went with the leader. Abigail, as always, looked less than pleased with the idea. You never know she had fun to well after the event when she talks about it as if it rocked her world!

Next up: Ropes Course
Oh this was a lot of fun! Abigail did a few of the things but the boys tackled them head on. And even I tried the zip line.

After lunch we headed to: Wildlife class
What a great time we had getting to hold all kinds of different animals and see some awesome butterfly homes!

Last Event of the Day: Rocket building class

I didn't get any pictures of this one since I was so busy helping the kiddos build their rockets. But we learned about Sir Isaac Netwon and each of the kids built a rocket that we shot into the air with some air compressor thing-a-ma-bob. The kids loved this!

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TAV said...

Wow! Impressed with the reptile-handling!!