Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We Bought a Farm: What the Animals Teach Me

My favorite animals on the farm rotate regularly. One day, I find myself admiring the sheep -- so in love with the way they "baaaa" so sweetly when we come to feed the pigs. (They steal a lot of the pigs food so they consider it their feeding time as well.) Another day, I'll stand and watch our baby chickens for a long stretch of minutes, just amazed at how fast they are growing and how cute they are when they are this small. 

This afternoon, it was the ducks. As I was doing my afternoon watering, I watched as one of the ducks exuberantly jumped in for a premature bath. Pellets of water leapt up around him, and quite a few landed on his back. I watched, amazed, as they rolled off without even getting the duck wet.

Once again I was reminded of how many things I am learning every day in these hills. The expression, "like water off a duck's back" has been in my repertoire for years. But only as I watched this duck take a bath did I really understand what it means.

Why do we worry about all the little things? Just let it roll off of you, literally, like water off a duck's back.

Imagery really does bring a point to life.

I am praying, continually, that the decision to live with nature, in a more real sense, will gift my children with precious knowledge unlike anything I've ever experienced. I pray that they grow up seeing in their mind what this expression means and choosing, often, to be just like a duck!

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