Friday, September 25, 2015

We Bought a Farm: First Bauernhof Kitsteiner Conference

Well after months of planning and spending the last few weeks nearly going out of all of our ever loving minds preparing, the "Risk Free Ranching" Conference launched on Thursday evening without a glitch in our barn/garage. 30 people from all over the USA and Canada have come in for the two-day course.

People have asked why JB is doing this Conference. The reason is actually three-fold:
  1. To contribute to Permaculture education -- JB is passionate about teaching people about Permaculture, and eventually hopes that we will be able to do this for missionaries and people going to other countries to help people grow their own food and create a self-sustaining life.
  2. Help the farm generate income -- We aren't sure how much we will make on this first Conference since there was a lot of overhead to get this going. But subsequent conferences will help the farm generate an income. Our hope is that the more the money the farm generates, the more JB will be able to balance his medical and home farm work.
  3. Have Greg Judy, a leading individual in this field, out to our farm, for a consult. Following the two-day course, Greg will be spending a day here helping us with ideas and thoughts for our land.

Mom did a lasagna dinner on Thursday evening. This morning she did a french toast and egg casserole which also went off seamlessly. We are getting sandwiches for lunch from our local Amish store for lunch, and dinner is going to be catered by "Abigail's" -- a great little BBQ stand one town over.

It's very rainy here today, but it didn't deter ten people from camping on our property. It did, however, contribute to one of our fences falling over and JB and I trying to corral our two dozen ducks back into their pen with a flashlight before the sun came up.

During the Conference, I am over in our house with the kiddos and Aunt Danielle, who drove in with JB's brother Matt for the Conference. She is helping me in the main house with the kids so I can help with food and general errands that need to be run.

Here are a few pictures of the set up and the Conference which is underway!

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