Thursday, June 19, 2014

Twin skirts

I've been waiting for Hannah to be big enough so that the girls could wear their "twin skirts" from the legendary Ms. Carla. In truth, Abigail's is the one that is still a bit too big. 

So I got them all dressed (no small task) and hair looking halfway presentable (an even more challenging task.) So when Hannah started losing her mind, I decided, "It's now or never. We are taking a stupid picture for Ms. Carla whether she likes it or not.

What I didn't foresee is Abigail slowly getting more and more upset having to sit next to Hannah for the picture. Watch her little smile slowly fade away as she started to say, "Her crying hurt my ears!"


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Life with little girls..LOVE the sequence shots Wen, thanks for posting! These are so so funny! N

Anonymous said...

Cute sequence! I love the pic where Hannah is looking at Abigail - looks like Hannah is considering how she's making her sister upset. Prescious!