Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Few Tidbits

So what is going on in our life? Well, nothing incredibly exciting. The days are pretty much the same as we try to develop a routine and get used to our life here. This week, JB is participating in a local Permaculture course and is also beginning some computer training for his job, which starts in about two weeks. I am home with the kids and trying to figure out how this house will work best for us. I am also continuing to homeschool everyday. I've decided not to take the summer off as I really don't feel like I need it. I also feel like continuing to work now, will enable us to take breaks at times that would be more advantageous.

One of our JB's projects last week was fixing up bikes. We found two of the bikes pictured on the left at Goodwill for $8 each. Honestly, the old bike looks better in the picture than it looked in person. Both of the bikes were pretty beat up. So JB let the boys pick a color that they wanted their bikes and they ordered some new handlebars online. Sidge picked green, and they worked on his bike first. The finished project is on the right. Isaac's bike was finished this week. His is blue and looks equally awesome. Total cost turned out to be $21 each! (Instead of the $100+ that any new bike would have cost!) We were proud of this project as we continue to find ways to cut costs and be good stewards of our money.

Another small piece of news to report was that I took the kiddos to story time at our local library. The library here is AWESOME and has SO MANY activities for the kids. I am seriously, so impressed. And, it is very close to our house as well. The kids have been doing a summer reading program (the boys read but Abigail gets read to) for prizes, and yesterday, they got to sing songs, listen to some dog stories, and make these Clifford puppets -- which they all loved!!! Also Sidge, who has been having trouble when not just at our house with our family, did pretty well. He had one moment that he got a little overwhelmed, but basically, really enjoyed himself!

We are really enjoying the leisurely summer days. We are riding bikes outside, going to the park around the corner, and taking small field trips as time and vehicle permit. (We only have the van so when JB has to go somewhere, I don't have a vehicle.) 

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