Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Grrrrrr .....

We still don't have our big shipment of stuff.

And not only do we still not have it, but no one can tell us anything.

I take that back. One woman in the Azores, a fabulous military gal, did us a favor and put a trace on our stuff and thinks it was supposed to be on a boat arriving on June 11th.

But no one knows anything.

No one is telling us anything.

How is that possible?

What frustrates me is that the American company responsible for getting our shipment once it comes in, is communicating with us. They have not been paid yet, and are obviously hoping to do a good job.

The movers in the Azores have been paid and therefore feel that their job was done.

But the stuff that was already put on the ship seems to be no one in particular's responsibility.

How can that be a good way to get things done?

I'm trying to not care that much and just go with the flow. But it is hard when you are living without 90% of the things you own and no one can even tell you what to expect. Even if someone could say how long approximately we had to wait, I would feel sooooo much better.

Thank goodness we bought that couch at Goodwill for $40. It has made a WORLD of difference.

And thank the Lord for air mattresses .... but still ... I haven't slept on my bed since the first week of April.

I don't think my kids will even remember how to use a dresser.

We know that chances are, we will only live in this house for about one year. We are looking to buy land as we speak. This is a very temporary stop. And I'd like it to feel like home, at least for a little bit.



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Rinette said...

So sorry for you about the big shipmenent. Having moved overseas a few times myself, I totally understand how you feel. I really hope you receive good news very soon.