Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I am currently enjoying ...

  • carpet!
  • a thermostat!
  • produce!
  • the ice cream truck! (Just so American!)
  • food options!
  • everyone speaking English to me!
  • our community pool!
  • 110 outlets!
Edited to add: 
  • Thunder and lightning (there was relatively no thunder and lightning on the island)
  • Cheap options (like buying the boys bikes at Goodwill)
Edited again to add:
  • Rabbits (little bunnies we get to see everywhere!)
  • Fast shipping (ordered something from Amazon and it was here the NEXT day!
  • Squirrels (never saw those in Turkey or the Azores and they just feel "familiar.")
  • Being on the same time zone as people I know and love.
And the best thing I am enjoying is Hannah doing her first sign! About two weeks ago she started signing "milk" and it is definitely not a fluke now. I absolutely love signing with my kids. (Here is a link to a post I wrote about how this works in our family.)

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