Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The last week

We finally have a computer set up that I can load some pictures onto the blog. These are a bit random, but I wanted to share a few photos from the last two weeks of our life.

We left the Azores on May 25th and spent three days with my great friend Sarah Stebbins. From there, we would spend one night in Knoxville before heading to our new hometown. On the way, we made a stop at my cousin Josh's house. He and his wife Sarah have three kiddos and she is a bosom friend to me. I have not seen her in four years. It felt so amazing to give her a hug!! After that, we moved in!!!

When we first met in 2010, there were three kids between us. We have doubled our numbers. Here are the two youngest in our numbers: Hannah (nine months) and Graham (just six weeks older than Hannah).

I think I have more pictures that I would like to share later, when we get photos off of our good camera. (These are all iPAD snaps.) However, here is a fun one of the four oldest kids having a snack in the backyard. Sarah and Ryan were so amazing in putting up our big family of eight (nine if you count the dog!) In addition, it was so good to see the boys with their first real friend: William. I love that that relationship has continued. 

Now for some more randomness. Our house is AMAZING and fits eight people quite well. However, without our "stuff" it is very difficult to keep a baby occupied. Two new friends to the rescue. Stebbs put me in touch with Dave & Mary Beth -- friends they have known for years that pastor a church in our area. I reached out to them with a few needs: additional air mattresses, a folding table and chairs and THIS AWESOMENESS pictured above!!! This gate may just be my absolute saving grace!!  

Without any "stuff", we've had to eat out a bit. My biggest wish living overseas was answered: I GOT INDIAN FOOD!!!! Oh yum, yum, yum. Seriously, LOVE that food!

We have gotten in our little shipment (1,000 pounds) as well as the dozens of boxes we have mailed ourselves. A bit disturbing: take a look at Isaac's bike helmet. How does that happen just in a box?

While we don't think we'll be at this house for the long term of our life, we want to make it home. Best way to do that: a garden! It's looking great!!


Lou said...

I am so glad that you have made friends along the way ! God is so good. I love the garden ,I wouldn't expect it any other way. Glad to know things are coming right along.Love you Wendi

Unknown said...

Dave and MaryBeth wouldn't happen to have a last name beginning with 'O', would they? They are dear friends of ours. Small world. Love, Niceville Browns

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Yes, Tammy, they do!