Friday, June 20, 2014

"Stuff" Update

Our stuff has finally been located.


A friend in the Azores was able to determine that the boat our stuff was on docked in Baltimore on June 13th. (It was originally supposed to dock sometime in mid-May.)

I took this information to our American moving company. They were then able to track down where it was ... finally. (Previously, on one would tell them anything.) They said that the boat in fact docked on the 14th.

The American moving company is being very helpful and kind and trying to keep us abreast of information.

The nice lady who is emailing me says not to get too excited yet.

From here, the stuff must be unloaded from the ship. (Our stuff is currently in a big container like the picture I have posted.) Then, Customs must sign off on it. (99% of the time Customs doesn't look at it. If we were to be chosen for an inspection, our hopes of seeing our stuff anytime this century could be dashed so I am not even thinking about that.)

After that, the stuff is "released" and at that point, our American moving company can swoop in and take over. They said that this part is also tricky because the port will only allow people moving out military stuff a few hours a day to get the stuff which can be difficult to schedule.

So ... I am hoping for two weeks but still wouldn't be surprised if we are at another month. Seems impossible to even fathom at this time, but I am trying to look at the bright side.

The bright side is that, truly, we have everything we need here. We are making this work, and honestly, I've come to have a working relationship with my air mattress. We are not in want of anything, and between our storage, small shipment, and the box mailing we did, we are in good shape.

Oh and there is a Target nearby and Amazon delivers the next day and a grocery store down the street.

America is a beautiful thing!

P.S. By the way, JB's parents are still in South Florida. They are planning on returning in about two weeks. Please pray for them as they continue the process of closing up their life in South Florida and officially joining us in Tennessee.


John Paul said...

That must be a great relief to get any news at all. There is no longer any water between you and your stuff, let alone an ocean.

Judy Woodford said...

OH thank God, Yay!!!!