Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"Dancing With The Fireflies” by Denise Hunter

Dancing with Fireflies tells the story of Jade, who returns home after years of protecting her fragile heart. Pregnant via date rape, she reconnects with a childhood friend who teachers her to dance again.

Did I enjoy the book? I did. I was interested and wanted to know what was going to happen. It kept me reading, kept me interested, and kept me thinking. It was an easy read and something I could easily read a few pages of even with children twirling between my legs -- which is important in a house with four young children.

However, can I recommend the book? Not really.

And here's why.

While the book is definitely a Christian book, I found the Christian message to be pretty watered down. The author really straddled the divide when it came to the sexual relationships of her characters. If I had a teenage daughter, I wouldn't let her read this book even though it was "Christian" and basically morally upright.

If I am going to read a secular book, I expect a secular message.

When I am reading a Christian book, while I don't want it to be so overt it is obnoxious, I am expecting some things out of the book.

And I thought Denise Hunter came very close to skipping that altogether.

In addition, I found the book to be a bit predictable. There were no big surprises. Everything got tied up in a nice package.

The author was not amongst the top Christian writers I have read, but I would definitely consider reading her again. I had previously read her book The Convenient Groom and had found it very similar to this book. A good, easy, fun read but nothing spectacular.

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Anonymous said...

I read "Dear Mr Knightley" after your review of that book and LOVED it. Thank you for reviewing it and writing about it so that I could check it out :)
If you get reading time you should check out, "Pearl in the Sand" by Tessa Afshar... it's a fictional story based on the Biblical story of Rahab and I really enjoyed it... I'm waiting in anticipation of her next book :D
Heather Kershner