Thursday, June 26, 2014

First Ponytail (and a digression into bath time)

Firstly, Hannah is requiring a bath every night after dinner. I know a lot of parents who do baths every day, but frankly, we have just never had the stamina to keep up with that. Instead, we go about 3-4 times a week (on a good week). 

Actually, I just last week began the process of teaching the boys how to take a shower by themselves. The more that they can do independently, the better for everyone! (Except for the fact that it means they are growing up -- but that is another story altogether.) I am teaching them with baby soap to prevent eye sting-age. Unfortunately, they decided, while I was out of the room, that the soap should be Superhero lotion and used a half bottle! Note to Mommy: remind kids that soap ain't free!

Anyways, irregular baths have always worked better for us. Sometimes we do all the kids. Sometimes we just do the girls. Sometimes we just do Hannah. We let dirtiness from the day and our energy level determine bath frequency. I also will often do baths in the morning or afternoon some days as well. We found that when JB was working his normal workday in the military, there just wasn't a lot of family time. We didn't want to "waste" it doing baths. So instead, I'd try to do before JB got home. 

Okay, so I digressed a bit. Back to Hannah. She's into wanting to eat herself, and even if we do convince her to let us feed her, she wants to rub her hands in her hair vigorously and deeply and every night without fail.

I try to pull her hair back, both to keep it out of her eyes throughout the day, and also just to keep her from smothering food in it when she is eating. But she has figured out how to pull out any bows or clips (and even tiny little rubber bands!) I put in her hair. After her bath tonight, JB decided to do a full-on ponytail. How many babies can do a full ponytail at nine months old?! This kid has such an incredible amount of hair.

I'm actually not crazy about the ponytail, but I think I'll be using it until she figures out how to pull it out!

I so love being a mom. Each one of my kids is nestled into my heart in a different way. Isaac is his sweetness. Sidge is his passion. Abigail is her girlish charm. And Hannah for her chubby little giggles! What a blessing that I get to love them to oblivion.

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