Monday, June 23, 2014

Another Day of FUN!

JB attended a permaculture conference for three straight days. So with that over, we finally had a day together as a family. Time for some fun. We visited an awesome discovery center about 45 minutes from our house. It had an awesome indoor area and a beautiful 20 acres of wetlands outside. I can't believe some of the shots JB got:

Isaac LOVES to take pictures with his little digital camera. It is his favorite thing to do.

I absolutely love this picture of the boys. Might be one of my favorite ever!

Everyone watching Isaac take the photos. Sidge's hands on hips is a very "Huisman" like pose.

The kids got the choice to go inside or stay outside with Dad. Sidge was the only one brave enough to face the heat to do more "adventuring" with his Daddy.

Our crew!

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Kelli D said...

That photo of the boys is one of the greatest photos I've ever seen! Fabulous!