Friday, June 06, 2014

Friday Funnies

To say my kids have been impressed with the stores here is an understatement. Two different people in Target just sat and watched my kids oohing and aahing over everything. It is so funny to watch them walk down a toy aisle and then see that there is another aisle after that. Even the toothbrush choices had them aghast. I really think people must think we have been sheltering them from the world to watch them react.

Kroger has a "Marketplace" version of its store that has toys in it. Isaac was in heaven looking at all the toys. As we were leaving he said, "Mom, I really wish you didn't need money to buy stuff."


While JB was checking on some things in the post office, I sat in the van with the kids. I started playing 20 questions with them.

Sidge: "Is it a tiger?"
Me: "No."
Sidge: "Is it a dog?"
Me: "No. But you don't want to ask questions like that. It could take all day."
Sidge: "Okay. Well, does it go woof."

Sidge: "Am I weak?"
Me: "Of course not."
Sidge: "Are you weak?"
Me: "I don't think so."
Sidge: "But the song says we are weak and He is strong."
Me: "Oh, well in comparison to Jesus? That's a different story."


Sidge: "You are sitting on Jesus."
Me: "What?"
Sidge: "Well, God is in everything. So you must be sitting on him."


JB told the boys they
could have two more minutes to play before putting on their pajamas. I came into the room shortly after that.

Sidge: "Has it been two minutes?"
Me: "Almost."
Isaac: "See. That's what I don't like about two minutes."

Shortly after I told them that they could play a few more minutes if they first changed into their pajamas.

Sidge: "You are going to give us more than two minutes?"
Me: "Yep."
Sidge: "That's called mercy."
Me: "Grace. But close enough."


JB: "You're so silly. Who made you so silly?"
Abigail: "I think Mommy."
JB: "I think God made you silly."
Abigail: "No. God made me pretty and happy."

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