Friday, June 20, 2014

Isaac just read

I have started a new little "game" with the boys. Every time they can read me a book, I put a sticker in it and the date that they read it. Many times it will take them a few tries to get every word correct. And of course, I am sure some of the "learning" is through memorization ... I don't really think this can be avoided. But they are starting to read like crazy boys. Isaac is obviously older. You can simply tell by the way he sounds out words that he gets reading a little more than Sidge does right now. But Sidge is not far behind. He is not able to read "big" books like the one pictured above, but he is totally reading smaller boks. I won't post every book they read, but as they read "bigger" ones, I'll be sharing with the Blog -- more for posterity's sake.

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