Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Anniversary to my BFF

Truth be known that without the Facebook reminder JB and I would have BOTH forgotten our anniversary! This past weekend, I was in Bowling Green, Kentucky and drove by the church we were married in. Counting our dating days, we have now been John & Wendi for 20 years!

Here's the truth: I love him. I couldn't live without him. He's the only person who could get me to want to live on a farm and come running home ecstatic because I found a fairy ring of mushrooms that I know he needs to see. Because of him I attended (and graduated from) Goat University. I've looked at more birds and spent more money on organic food because I married him. I have also aided him on many medical procedures here and in Nigeria and in the Azores and worked hard to put him through medical school too.

We have lived on three continents together. We have four amazing children and one far-from-laid-back dog.

I was just a jock when I met him. But he still picked me and fought for me and moved to Kentucky for me and went through five years of infertility treatments to try to help me become a mom. And now he's a Dad and just a few minutes ago he was playing a Princess Matching game with Abigail and pretending to be a "whisker monster" to make the boys laugh and changing a horrendous diaper so I could take a break.. All while providing for us and dreaming about the farm he is hopefully just a year away from buying.

I love you JB. Thanks for being my BFF!

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