Sunday, June 08, 2014

This is our life

JB and I often look at each other in complete awe:

How we went from a childless couple, married ten years, to:
  • a barely rescued piece of corn up female Blondie's nose.
  • a quick turn around to realize same Blondie had wrapped her pretty ribbon around Hannah's neck.
  • Aforementioned Blondie redeeming herself by pointing out that Hannah had bitten off a piece of a quishy toy and was promptly chewing on it. 
  • Smallest child reaching for the couch and completely missing -- landing her flat on her face.
  • An incredibly colorful dinner of tomato, purple cauliflower, lettuce, corn, and brussells sprout ending up so caked into Hannah's face and neck and clothes that a bath would be the only thing that sufficed.
  • (A realization for Mom -- just now -- that brussell sprout is actually brussels sprout with an s!) (What you can learn from spellcheck!)  
  • a bath for Hannah resulting in her grabbing the spray nozzle and spraying Mommy and the entire bathroom before Mommy could rescue the nozzle.
  • a total all-out brawl between boys over legos and free hits and too-hard-free-hits so that the other didn't tell. (Really?! They are old enough to figure this out?!)
  • a runaway bike. Silly Mommy didn't realize oldest boy didn't understand how to use his brakes and that the hill she was pushing him down went d-o-w-n so steeply. Thank goodness he figured out how to jump off into the grass.
  • a grab by boy number two of his newly painted bike handlebars.
  • a dog chewing happily away on all the watermelon rinds four children left outside on a plate.
  • a lego up the nose of oldest boy
  • a breakdown in tears of worry by boy number two that our family would turn into the Pevensie children of C.S. Lewis' Narnia series because we too had four boys and girls in our family.
  • a discussion of how Narnia allegorically represented the Biblical death and resurrection of Jesus followed by another breakdown because boy number two wasn't ready to go to heaven. 
  • a question about whether there will be sleep in heaven. What about food? 
Today was one of those days that we were absolutely in awe of these four miracles.

Thinking of those of you today waiting for your own miracle. 

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Anonymous said...

This was hilarious and precious! love you _Tante Jan