Friday, June 06, 2014

Moving Madness

They can't find our big shipment (HHG).

  • We received most if not all of the boxes we mailed ourselves. (I have six more at my friend Shea's house I will pick up later this month.)
  • We received our storage shipment. (These were items we put into storage before we went to Turkey.) The exception is the king sized mattress that simply disappeared from the shipment. We can file a claim, but honestly, what we'd rather have is the mattress right now! Most of what was in storage was not useful to us. It was mostly books, some high school memorabilia, and my china.
  • We received our 1,000 pound shipment (UB). This went by air and could include anything that was not furniture. We had things like folding chairs, TV trays, extra bedding, and a lot of kitchen essentials. There was a broom and some extra toys and our microwave. (We didn't know the house came with one.) This shipment was very helpful but obviously very small.
  • We also, of course, have the baggage we travelled with.
But everything else was in our 12,000 pound shipment (12 crates). Everything else we own was in there. It was supposed to be delivered by June 3. Arriving late is not unusual, but as of right now, their tracers aren't bringing anything up. No one can tell us where it is.

I'm not worried about it yet. Glitches like this happen frequently. But it would make us feel better to know that our stuff was at least ... traceable. 

In other news, we tried to get driver's licenses yesterday but don't have anything that proves our address. So we have to figure out what we can get that meets that criteria.

In addition, we have an entire bag of important documents that travels with us. We need our van title and it isn't in the bag. This means that it is probably in our 12,000 pound shipment, and we can't move forward on registering our vehicle until that document arrives. 

We did, however, get cell phones. We decided on AT&T. The phones were ordered, and we should get them in the next few days. In the end, apparently, JB got me a snazzy phone just like his because the plan was better with the better phone. However, I plan to turn data off on my phone and am hoping I have the willpower to follow through!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I've seen crushed crates...but 12000 lbs lost? Well, on the bright side (I'm digging here) if they don't find it you get to do some serious shopping ;)

Anonymous said...

Any kind of bill or welcome letter from your utility company should suffice for the proof of address.