Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Still MIA

As of today we still have received NO word about where our big shipment is. We have heard rumors that it may be on a boat that was late leaving the Azores. Rumor was that the late boat was due in on June 10th. But this is only a rumor. No one has told us anything! (We have heard this through other people who packed out around the same time as us.)

We bought a $40 couch at Goodwill. (Having somewhere to sit is really helpful!) Our neighbor has loaned us a dining room table so we can all eat together. A big octagonal baby gate from a friend of a friend and air mattresses from a bunch of different places have made this doable.

The post office gave us a hard time about the 32 boxes we mailed ourselves from the Azores. They thought we were going a little overboard.

I think not.

I am soooo glad I did that now. We have a lot of stuff here. It definitely isn't home without furniture or pictures or the "touches" that make a place feel like your's, but we are making it and those boxes were a huge part of that.

We also got our 1,000 pound shipment in that went by air. I am so glad that I put rugs in that shipment! It is so nice to have those in the house. I'm also glad to have everything we need to cook. I know some people skip that 1,000 pound shipment because it is a lot of extra work to separate your stuff. But man, this time it paid off.

If you think of it, please pray for our stuff to arrive as soon as possible. I am holding out hope that we can get it sometime this month!

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Jenny said...

I'm so sorry Wen! This was always my worst nightmare! Praying your stuff shows up soon.