Monday, June 02, 2014

Internet and UB!

Today we got our small shipment in. This includes things like rugs, folding chairs, toys, hangers, etc.! In addition, we also got our Internet turned on! Yesterday we got a refrigerator and a deep freezer! And on Friday we picked up about a dozen boxes from the post office!

It has been like Christmas around here!

I want to thank everyone for your prayers for our family. We can feel them! Really! Sidge is still struggling, but we can see improvements which is so encouraging! Yesterday, we could all see the old Sidge behind those big, bright blue eyes. And the days that preceded that had left us wondering where our little boy was! He is still having nightmares but things are moving in the right direction, and we are encouraged!

Isaac seems to adjusting the best. Abigail is still continually confused as to where all her stuff is. When some stuff gets here either via shipment or boxes, she will start crying saying, "Where's Abigail's stuff?" And then rattling on about various missing things .... Many of which we can't translate. And Hannah is doing well.

We are enjoying the community pool and a park around the corner from us. We also visited the public library. Mostly we are just trying to stay close to home and get settled.

Our big computer is not set up which means difficulty typing and no ability to post pictures. But at least we are online.

We've also begun exploring cell phone options. The lady at the cell phone place said we are a record for her of longest non users!


Jenny said...

So glad Sidge is doing a little better. Will continue to pray!

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Lord!

Julie E