Tuesday, April 15, 2014

JB in the news

Now that this has hit the Lajes Facebook page, I can share it on my blog. JB was the doc on call this last week. Over the weekend, he received a call about a sailor on the U.S.S. Truman who was having acute stomach pain. They were trying to get the ship within range for her to take a flight to Germany where there was an American hospital. However, they couldn't make it that far and deeming that she needed quicker services, decided to have her flown to Lajes. The plane touched down for only a few minutes because it had to quickly get back to the ship before it was out of range. JB was there to meet the patient and help get her transferred to the island hospital.

Here was the news blurb and accompanying pictures:

U.S. Air Force Major John Kitsteiner, 65th Medical Operation Squadron physician, prepares to administer medical care to a patient during a medical evacuation mission here, April 11, 2014, Lajes Field, Azores. A U.S. Navy Sailor required medical evacuation to Lajes Field due to acute abdominal pain. First responder with the 65th Medical Group provided emergent care to the Sailor before the patient was transferred to a local hospital for care. 

JB waiting for the patient

Patient being taken off the plane

Patient being loaded onto the ambulance. John is talking to her Navy physician at left -- getting a rundown on what was happening.

Here's JB in the ambulance as they get ready to load her in.

Another shot

The sailor is doing fine by the way!

To watch a video on the story,

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