Wednesday, April 09, 2014


This is what happens when a Batgirl cries. The lines on her Batgirl mask run down her cheek. And that's our Abigail. She cries hard. And she loves hard. She hugs you with her whole body and doesn't let go. She smiles beautifully. Her once blue eyes now appear to be turning green. Her blond hair pulls into delightfully curly piggy tails. She loves to do anything and everything with her brothers. When I ask her if she is excited to move into her new house she says, " Yes -- it will be a Mickey house." She loves all things Mickey, princesses, My Little Ponies, and recently, Princess Sofia. She is no longer attached to my leg whenever we are away from home, but still takes a long time to warm up to people and social situations unusual to her. "If pouting were an Olympic sport," JB said the other day, "Abigail would be the gold medalist." When she pouts, we tell her she has to sit in time-out until she is ready to join us again without pouting. She can sit in time-out for up to a half hour pouting and then just as quickly say, "I'm all done," and come out, happy as can be. She loves puzzles and coloring, and eating. She is also obsessed with her little sister Hannah and is constantly hugging and loving on her. She is truly the light of our lives, and just completely knocks our socks off with love.

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