Monday, April 07, 2014

Hannah Joy: 7 months old

First some pictures of little lady by herself:

Next we added a sister:

Then we attempted to add big brothers but Sidge was distraught because the sun was too bright for him to see (P.S. if there was any sun out it was behind them):

So we opted for just three kiddos:

Hannah remains a joy. She cries when she is tired or hungry and sometimes if she just doesn't want to be alone. She is very smiley and loves when her brothers and sister pay attention to her. I keep thinking that she's taking way more naps and is moving a lot faster than her siblings did at this age. But when I look back, she is pretty much right on par with what they are doing. An exception? All three of older siblings had teeth by this age and she has none. In addition, here is a rundown of Hannah's life as she passes the halfway mark to a year:
  • Eating nearly any type of baby food
  • Eating some yogurt drop snack foods
  • Rolling and crawling all over the place
  • Moving from lying down to sitting (although still slightly leaning over when doing this) 
  • Grabs everything 
  • Not picking up objects with pincher reflex yet
  • Loves to be kissed and hugged
  • Definitely recognizes family members -- smiles more readily for them
  • Does not like to be left alone
  • Likes to change activities about every 15 minutes
  • Taking three naps a day of varying lengths; 
  • Sleeping from about 7:30pm until 6:00am every night
  • Has moved into a big girl car seat (mainly due to the move and wanting to get rid of things) 
  • Is nearing or has reached the 22 pound capacity of the infant seat
  • Starting to discover Scrubs -- will grab him if he is within reach
  • No teeth
  • Not sleeping in the swaddle 
  • Wearing almost all 12 month or 12-18 month clothes
  • Says "Ma-ma-ma-ma" a lot. No, I am not crazy enough to think she knows what this means.
Here is a look back Hannah month by month:

And here are where big brothers and sister were at seven months:

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