Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Funnies

Abigail fell out of bed last night. When asked the next morning what happened, she easily replied, "My blanket pulled me out!"


Our kids are so different. While Abigail sported a huge pouty face at the Easter brunch at church when someone she didn't know sat down next to her, Sidge is wandering from table to table. We have been calling him "The Mayor." The other day we were walking to Buzius for dinner. He ran ahead of us, which they are allowed to do on this walk, we looked and Sidge had gone into the restaurant and was talking to Ms. Marta (the waitress) telling him where we wanted to sit and how many seats we needed.)

His lack of shyness was evident this past weekend.

Sidge has asked me frequently about marriage. We have discussed the fact that he can't marry me and he cannot marry his sisters or his father or brother. We have also explained to him that he doesn't have to marry anyone if he doesn't want to. He has therefore decided that the most logical choice is Ms. Mianna. He has mentioned it to me many times, but we were all taken off guard when she came over for Easter supper and he said, "Ms. Mianna, when I grow up and move out of my house, I think I am going to ask you to marry me."

(Ms. Mianna said this made her feel like a rockstar!)


Mianna said...

I love you, Sidge! :-D xoxo

Connie Huizenga said...

I remember correctly - it was love @ first sight!
Love it, (auntie) Connie