Saturday, April 05, 2014

Saying I'm Sorry

A friend posted this article on Facebook yesterday. I ... love ... it.

I read a lot of parenting articles on a weekly basis. Many go in and go out with no change to my behavior. However, this article offered something real and concrete that we have already implemented in our home.

Saying sorry.

Tell me I am not alone in how this goes down. Kid 1 does something to Kid 2. You have Kid 1 apologize. He doesn't mean it. Then Kid 2 is supposed to forgive totally pathetic apology.

And repeat.

Like ninety times a day.

That's why I loved this post.

Instead of just going through the sorry motions, when a child wrongs another child, the child who committed the offense must fill in the blanks of the following statements:

I’m sorry for…
This is wrong because…

In the future, I will…
Will you forgive me?

I love this.

Obviously it can still result in a child going through the motions. However, when you have to vocalize the sin, explain why it was wrong, and articulate how you will change it, before asking for forgiveness, the result is a more contrite child.

We've tried it!

Not only did it seem to impact the apologizer, but the forgiver seemed impacted as well.

This will be written and plastered on the walls of our house until I remember the protocol and the kids do too!

Thanks Lisa for posting this.

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Pat said...

As a grandma, I applaud this. Too often I hear "Oh, sorry" and on to the next activity.