Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Packers are gone

This is how I felt this last few weeks. It isn't that my husband doesn't do a ton of stuff. I just feel that when it comes to the house, so much of it is stuff that I have to do to get ready to move. I felt like I had so many details in my brain and there was no way I could possibly communicate them all successfully to other members of the household. 

I have often said that I really believe military wives are the most underpaid individuals ever! As your husband moves up in rank, they truly are depended on to participate in events around the Base. Our current Base Commander's wife does more than any woman I know! And she doesn't make a dime for it. She does it because she is the Base Commander's wife.

Anyways, this post wasn't really about that. It was about the conclusion of packing. In the end, the move went very well. There were only a few "casualties of war."
  • OCCURRENCE: A baby mobile I was borrowing from a local friend ended up packed when it was supposed to stay here so I could return it to her for use with her just-born baby. I ran out for the morning to take Isaac to speech and didn't think they were going to pack the baby's room yet. So I didn't share this information with anyone else. It was just in my head. RESULT: I will have to buy a new mobile and have it shipped to her here, and I will get to keep the packed one which is on its way to Tennessee. 
  • OCCURRENCE: I ran the vacuum the night before the packers came for our fast shipment and forgot to return the vacuum to the room that was storing all the items that they were going to take.  RESULT: We are going to have to mail our Dyson. I am sort of happy because I was not looking forward to living without it for two months. But mailing it will be a major pain!
  • OCCURRENCE: A box of baby toys that a friend loaned me to use here while our toys were on the big ship accidentally got packed out. I think I was just daydreaming and set the box down in the wrong pile. I meant to take it upstairs and just totally blanked out. RESULT: I'll have to mail this box back to her when I get back to the States.
Three major errors. Not too shabby.

But now, nearly 12,000 pounds is on a boat. And around 1,000 pounds is on a plane, and we hope to see it all in June!

Here is a video I took the night before our major furniture went out. You'll notice our big couch is gone and the cushion on our love seat has dissappeared as well:

And here are a few pics of the process midway. All items are loaded into "crates". These crates are filled at your house and completely sealed at your house and then put directly onto a ship. We ended up with thirteen crates.

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